About us

A division of Briz Sports, Briz Leavers alchemizes cutting-edge innovation, unrivalled quality and exceptional designs to bring you Australia’s finest school leavers apparel. Within six years, we’ve partnered with renowned schools that span across the country to create unique apparel that’s ethically produced and worn with pride for years to come. We’re here to not just to provide you with high quality leavers apparel, but to help you create a lasting legacy for senior students as they get ready to take on the world.

Our Approach

Sustainability has always been a key part of our culture. Our sustainability strategy integrates actions that aim to improve the sustainability of our own operations and facilities and the work we do with suppliers, customers and industry partners to continually upgrade the sustainability of our supply chain.

In short, our vision is to use resources efficiently to keep the cost low; to add business value for our customers by continuous research and offer better designs, products & technology to help manage the ordering process.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental efforts

Our primary focus of corporate social responsibility is the environment. We do not use any toxic chemical in our clothes. All of our suppliers and us do not dispose any chemicals in to the environment.

From 2020 we have stopped using hang tags in our packaging to reduce paper waste. Any steps we can take to reduce those footprints is good for the environment.


Helping the community is important we not only believe that we also like to be part of it. We believe if we make any profit, we should give back some to the society. A portion of the profit from your garments will go to Australian charities.

Ethical labour practices

We do a background check of each supplier before signing any deal. It is one of our terms with our suppliers to treat employees fairly and ethically. There is no underpayment, child labour and unethical labour practices in our factories and corporate culture

Manufacturing & Quality control


Processing your school data is the first step of manufacturing, communication is the key part to make everything right. we follow very strict and reliable procedure throughout the ordering process, manufacturing, quality control, packaging and delivery.

To avoid any miscommunication, we use same experienced partnership manager (who is in charge of your school) to process your order with another dedicated Manager in the factory as both know all the history of your order. NO third person is used in this case.

Detail Checking

Initially our factory sends us the mock up designs using the factory pattern for each individual size. Then we recheck whether the original design is fitting nicely for each size & nothing is missing. We also check whether the name list looks and fits perfect for each size & no spelling mistake there. If there is any issue we modify or adjust it.

Quality Control

Before each order goes for production, we do a proof print to avoid any mistake and colour mismatch, so that you know how it will look. Once the order is placed, our experienced quality control team ensures that every single garment is free of defects, just as you want it.

High grade & climate specific fabric

For our Polycotton Jerseys premium quality materials are sourced from exclusive suppliers and unique climate specific fabric options to choose. Our Varsity fleece jacket fabric comes with premium anti-pilling poly-cotton fabric that’s pre-washed and fade resistant. Our Primary school leaver’s shirt fabric is the most special one. Ultra-soft properties of this fabric provide extra comfort to the kids. This is a highly breathable fabric with having good UV protection.

Design Your Unique Identity

At Briz Leavers we know how unique your school identity is. our in-house designers will be supporting you through the process to bring your ideas and identity to life. So you can have complete control on shaping the look, feel and attitude of your leavers. For Sublimated polo shirts our designers can create a unique design for your school based on your school logo, geography, culture & history.

Design of a country side school

Design of a Bay side School

Design using Aboriginal Art

What Our Customers Say About Us Recently


Jerseys look great and the kids are stoked. All jerseys are present and accounted for.
Kelly Sherriff Year 11 coordinator, Mackay Northern Beaches SHS, QLD

We have just received the jerseys and they look amazing!! In fact my principal liked them that much she has said she would like to order jerseys for staff but without the names on the back, just the logo on the front, would this be possible?
Alex Gordon, Finance Manager
Whyalla Stuart Campus R-7, South Australia


We have been very fortunate to work with Sk from Briz Leavers, they have been so accommodating and professional, making the process of creating a new uniform design smooth and trouble free.
Tamie Gorman
Organizer P & C, Victoria Point State School, QLD

The staff at Briz Leavers were extremely professional and easy to deal with. The team went above and beyond to meet our needs as a first-time customer and were a massive help in the design process. The shirts we ordered were made to an extremely high quality and the kids absolutely love them.
Michael Radnidge

| Class Teacher - Stage 3 | The Junction Public School, NSW


The shirts look and feel great! The colours turned out very nicely. We have had very positive feedback from both students and parents
Kathryn Hennig Assistant Principal, Lethbridge Park Public School, NSW

I’d like to mention that we are very happy on the whole with the jerseys for 2017. The embroidery looks great. Please see the attached repeat order details. Thank you.
Karen Mearns Year 11 Coordinator, MacGregor State High School


The shirt is very light and soft- love that it isn't thick and hot.

They're very comfortable
Middle Mount Community School, Middlemount QLD


Thank you so much for the shirts! They have arrived and we love them! Thank you! Also - a big thank you for bundling them up into their sizes. It made it so easy to name them and deliver to our staff and students.
Kim Nuske
Assistant to the Deputy Principal, Heritage College, Melbourne

Delivery time

Our recent ordering experience with Briz Leavers was just fantastic. Our contact Sk was very quick to answer any of our queries and so helpful with suggestions. They were delivered on time and the quality is excellent. We will definitely be using them again in the future.
Jane Business Manager, Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Kelso NSW