How to select a supplier for Jersey ordering?

You can select a leavers jersey supplier based on few factors depending on your preferences.  Here are the factors

  1. Price: If you want the cheapest supplier in the market then the best way to start is to ask for quotes to few suppliers and then select the one that delivers the best price quality match.
  2. Quality: If you are after a top quality product then you can do some research , collect comments and check jersey images to short list suppliers. You can request samples for quality check, but you need to negotiate with supplier that they will provide the same quality as sample for bulk.
  3. Embellishment: If you are after an exclusive nice looking jersey with lots of nice decorations such as color collar, embroidered back name, number, knitted collar etc. with some exceptional design then you need to do some research to find the right supplier of this type, but make sure you don’t have to compromise jersey quality for that.
  4. Service: If you are after a company that provides good quality product & will guide you through the whole process and help you in different areas then you can check in their website about the services they will provide or can ask them about their services.
  5. Climate: If your school is in colder climate then you can choose to have warmer jersey which will be more comfortable for the kids. Standard jerseys are suitable for medium cold climate but for climate where tempt. goes below 5 c must need thicker jersey or jackets.

Where your supplier may let you down?

Delivery: May be most suppliers will deliver the jersey within a reasonable time frame, but there are suppliers who are taking excessively long, we had report from few new customers they had to wait 5-6 months to get the jerseys delivered. Definitely you don’t want that happen to you. As a precaution you can confirm with your supplier what is their policy  if there is an unreasonable excessive delay in delivery.

Print/EMB mistake:  We are all human, mistakes happens in Print and Embroidery it is not 100% uncommon. For quality suppliers one mistake happens in several thousand jerseys & they replace it asap. You need to discuss this point with your supplier. Sometimes embroidery quality of crests, symbols can be an issue.

Colors: Poly-cotton Jerseys are made using stock yarn, so each supplier can afford to offer limited common colors only. You need to make sure what are their available colors to match with your school colors. If you can collect any sample or image of that color and match with your colors then that is the best. You may confirm with them the final colors will be same as what is been shown.