• 100% polyester fleece & non fleece fabric options
  • Any design welcome
  • Unlimited color options
  • Minimum order Qty : 10 pcs, Top up order : No minimum

When it comes to sublimated Leavers jacket, then sky is the limit. As you know sublimation allows any design without any additional cost. So if you are after a gorgeous looking jacket with lots of logos, texts, colors, designs etc. then sublimated jacket is the way to go. we have put over 10 designs in the website for customization. Due to the complexity of the design, few designs are not possible to customize online. We will help you to customize them for free. We use high quality 260 gsm Tricot or 300 GSM soft-shell fabric for your sublimated jacket. Now you can Design your own jacket from anywhere in Australia using our DYO tool.

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