1. This online Merchant is located in Australia
2. This website is owned and operated by  Briz Sports Pty Ltd
3. All prices are subject to 10% GST
4. No design fee applies.
5. To confirm any new order, customers need to deposit 50% of the invoice value plus full GST. The remaining 50%       needs to pay before shipment. We send a balance invoice with delivery fee before shipment. We accept EFT                   transfer, bank cheque, credit card and PayPal.
6. Generally our garments are defect free as our experienced quality team checks every single piece of garment                 during final inspection. Still if there is any defect in the garment then you can return to us by our cost and we will       replace the item cost free as soon as possible.
7. Our general delivery time is 4-6 weeks from day of order confirmation by deposit. For urgent delivery please                 contact our sales team sales@brizsports.com.au
8. If you cancel the order within 48 hours then 80% of the deposit will be refunded and if cancellation is made after       48 hours then there will be no refund given.
9. There is a standard delivery fee applies for all shipment. Delivery prices will be included in the invoice.
10.Brizs Sports reserves the right to place a small logo of Brizs Sports on all garments.