About Lightweight Sublimated Jacket

Unleash your creativity with our lightweight sublimated Leavers jacket, a flexible mixture of style and luxury. Our cutting-edge sublimation technology allows you to delve into an in depth array of layout alternatives, ranging from complicated emblems and placing colors to fascinating art work. Say farewell to useless expenses and include a international of stunning, personalized jackets that serve as a true reflection of your character identity and team spirit, placing you other than the group.


Embark on a adventure of fabric exploration with our numerous variety of alternatives tailored to cater to a number of climates and choices. Choose from many alternatives of lightweight materials, softshell fabrics designed for finest comfort, or maybe choose our rain and windproof choices to make certain maximum safety against the elements. Our committed design team remains always ready to help you in choosing the perfect color and designs that perfectly aligns with your specific necessities and distinct fashion.

Color Choice

Indulge in entire creative freedom with our sublimated jackets, allowing you to infuse your senior jackets with your college’s precise Pantone coloration. Revel in the freedom to experiment with an extensive spectrum of colors and designs, ensuring your jacket serves as a real manifestation of your particular individuality and collective team spirit, fostering a robust feel of belonging and harmony.

Our Sublimated Jacket Construction

Immerse your self within the high-quality durability of our lightweight sublimated jackets, meticulously designed to face up to the take a look at of time. Expertly crafted with bolstered six-needle sewing, strong ribs and cuffs, and the reliable YKK zipper, our jackets stand as a testimony to extraordinary first-rate, ensuring a perfect blend of tolerating fashion and unprecedented comfort.

Designing Options

Explore the endless opportunities afforded by our consumer-pleasant layout tool on the Brizleavers website, allowing you to easily craft your very personal lightweight sublimated jacket. Alternatively, entrust our skilled in-house designers to create a professional mockup tailor-made to your unique preferences, presented completely free of cost. Embrace the liberty to express your particular fashion with our extraordinary lightweight sublimated jackets, meticulously designed to function a seamless representation of your different identity and unwavering team spirit, uniting your team or class with a shared sense of satisfaction and belonging.

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