About Custom School Leavers Hoodies

Introducing our exquisite fleece hoodies, where style meets comfort in perfect harmony. Crafted from a luxurious blend of cotton and polyester, it offers the perfect balance of comfort and durability. With its hooded neckline and long sleeves, it’s not just stylish but also ideal for everyday wear. The round hooded neckline features a practical drawstring, allowing you to customize your look and keep warm on chilly days. Additionally, the front kangaroo pocket adds both convenience and a touch of laid-back charm. What makes this high quality hoodie even more appealing is its eco-aware design, ensuring you can enjoy both fashion and sustainability in one cozy package. Our quality varsity hoodies are designed to elevate your fashion game while providing the cozy warmth of fleece.


Our fleece hoodie designs are a testament to quality, meticulously crafted from top-tier 100% premium anti-pilling poly-cotton fabric. Not only are they exceptionally comfortable, but they are also pre-washed and fade-resistant, ensuring they maintain their vibrant allure even after enduring repeated wear and washing.

Color Choice

Finding the perfect color has never been easier. Choose from our palette of 30 distinct shades to match your unique style. And if you’re still on the quest for that one-of-a-kind hue, our dedicated partnership manager is at your service, ready to help create custom colors that align perfectly with your vision.

Our Varsity Hoodies Construction

At Briz Leavers, we take pride in the exceptional quality of our unique designs. Our fashion-forward designers artfully blend elements of tradition and modernity to bring you varsity hoodies that are not just a fashion statement but also a cozy refuge during cooler days. If you live in the coldest part of Australia, you can also choose to add extra lining to make it even more warmer.

Designing Options

Unleash your inner designer with our fleece hoodies. Designing a hoodie has never been more easy! Select your preferred design and effortlessly translate your vision into reality using our user-friendly online design tool. If you seek expert guidance, our in-house designers are at your service. Choose from our array of 30 vibrant shades and add personalized text and logos, making your hoodie designs truly one-of-a-kind.

Decoration Options

Personalization knows no bounds with our fleece hoodies. For the back number, explore a multitude of captivating designs, ranging from heat-sealed prints to patch embroidery, sublimation badges, or felt embroidery. As for nicknames, opt for the classic touch of a heat-sealed print or the refined elegance of embroidery, adding a touch of sophistication to your personalised hoodie.

Embrace the fusion of style, comfort, and individuality with our exquisite fleece hoodies or hoodie jacket. Let your style shine with Briz Leavers today!

Personalized Perfection

Make a statement with personalized text and logos on your varsity hoodie. Discover a range of eye-catching alternatives for embellishing the back number, including as felt embroidery, sublimation badges, patch embroidery, and heat-sealed printing. Your hoodie becomes a medium for personal expression

Eco-Friendly Fashion

Beyond style, our varsity hoodies embrace sustainability. Our premium hoodies are made from an opulent cotton and polyester blend and are crafted to be both environmentally conscious and stylish. Enjoy the coziness and warmth of fleece while supporting the shift towards a more environmentally friendly wardrobe.

Tailored Warmth for Any Climate

For those chilly days, add extra lining to your varsity hoodie and transform it into a snug refuge, perfect even for the coldest parts of Australia. Our dedication to providing the highest quality guarantees that your hoodie will always be a dependable friend throughout the cooler months in addition to being trendy.

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