Custom Sublimated Hoodie Australia

Unleash your creativity with a custom sublimated hoodie Australia, made possible through advanced hoodie jacket sublimation technology. Say farewell to additional costs and welcome a world of stunning hoodies adorned with logos, texts, colors, and intricate designs. At Briz Leavers, we offer over 30 customizable hoodie designs on our website, providing you with endless possibilities for your unique personalized hoodie. Don’t worry if some designs seem complex – our design team will assist you with free customization. Experience swift delivery turnaround times and let your individuality shine through a one-of-a-kind sublimated hoodie.


When it comes to fabric options for sublimation, we provide a wide range to cater to your needs. Depending on your climate and preferences, you can choose from light, medium warm, warm, sublimated polyester fleece or softshell even windproof fabrics. Tailor your choice based on the level of warmth required. For personalized guidance on selecting the ideal fabric, call us today for a detailed discussion.


With sublimated pullover hoodies, there are no restrictions on colors. Personalize your senior hoodies with your school’s exact Pantone color, allowing for bright, vibrant hues that won’t fade. Our sublimation process ensures the longevity of these colors, so you can enjoy your custom hoodie for years to come without worrying about fading or cracking.

Our Sublimated Hoodies Construction

Experience the unmatched durability of our sublimated hoodies crafted to withstand the test of time. These hoodies feature a kangaroo pocket option, hooded neckline with drawstring, and excellent flexibility, making them great warm-up pullovers. The integration of sublimation graphics, moisture-wicking attributes, and antibacterial fabric technology guarantees longevity, visual allure, and a clean hoodie. Additionally, these hoodies are quick-dry, adding to their practicality.


At Briz Leavers, we encourage you to get creative with our user-friendly design tool on our website. Design your own custom sublimated hoodies and have fun doing it. If you prefer, our talented in-house designers can help designing a hoodie by creating a professional mockup just for you – and yes, it’s absolutely free. With full custom options, you can enjoy total design freedom, including full-color images, gradients, and individual personalization.

Customization and Decoration

Our customization options go beyond just the fabric. You can choose between plain or sublimated linings and select from a wide range of back designs, allowing you to create a custom hoodie that perfectly represents your style and preferences.

Swift Turnaround and Delivery

At Briz Leavers, we understand the excitement of receiving your custom sublimated hoodie promptly. Our simplified procedure guarantees quick response times so you can quickly show off your own flair. We put a high priority on providing you with your customized sweatshirt as soon as possible through effective manufacturing and delivery.

Sustainable Sublimation Practices

At Briz Leavers, we’re committed to both style and sustainability. Our eco-friendly sublimation method for hooded jackets ensures that there is no negative influence on the environment. Create a customized hoodie knowing that your individual style won’t harm the environment. Come embrace a style that respects both the environment and personality.

Perfect Fit, Perfect Style

Say goodbye to generic sizes. Our custom sublimated hoodies offer more than just unique designs – they provide the perfect fit tailored to your measurements. Select from a variety of sizes to wear a hoodie that precisely fits you and displays your style, adding to its visual appeal and comfort.


Embrace the fusion of style, comfort, and individuality with our exquisite custom hoodie jacket sublimation. Let your unique style shine through with Briz Leavers and craft a hoodie that’s as extraordinary as you are. Start designing your personalized high quality hoodies today!

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